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Rookery Live Tapes (Ltd Coloured 180g LP)

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After releasing their internationally acclaimed debut album last year, Giant Rooks now close the "Rookery" circle with an EP full of beautiful stripped-down versions.

Rookery Live Tapes is the name of the EP, which features ten songs and will be released on June 18. The new arrangements on songs like What I Know Is All QuicksandHeat Up and Wild Stare reduce the tracks to their stripped-down essence without losing any of their impact. They were created as part of the 'Bedroom Tour' in January, which virtually took the band to London, Istanbul and Mexico City – after they had to postpone their actual Rookery world tour to 2022 due to corona.

The first edition of the EP will be released on red + numbered vinyl and is limited to 1.000 pieces.


Side A

  1. What I Know Is All Quicksand
  2. Heat Up
  3. The Birth of Worlds
  4. All We Are
  5. Bright Lies

Side B

  1. Wild Stare
  2. Into Your Arms
  3. Bonus Track
  4. Bonus Track
  5. Bonus Track