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Rookery Live Tapes (Ltd Coloured 180g LP - Reprint)

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Release on: 07/30/2021
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After releasing their internationally acclaimed debut album last year, Giant Rooks now close the "Rookery" circle with an EP full of beautiful stripped-down versions.

Rookery Live Tapes is the name of the EP, which features ten songs and will be released on June 18. The new arrangements on songs like What I Know Is All QuicksandHeat Up and Wild Stare reduce the tracks to their stripped-down essence without losing any of their impact. They were created as part of the 'Bedroom Tour' in January, which virtually took the band to London, Istanbul and Mexico City – after they had to postpone their actual Rookery world tour to 2022 due to corona.

The second edition of the EP will be released on red vinyl and is limited to 1.000 pieces (different to the first edition, this second edition will not be numbered).


Side A

  1. What I Know Is All Quicksand
  2. Heat Up
  3. The Birth of Worlds
  4. All We Are
  5. Bright Lies

Side B

  1. Wild Stare
  2. Into Your Arms
  3. Bonus Track
  4. Bonus Track
  5. Bonus Track